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  1. Cool, maybe I was just getting good rolls before The last number of breedings that I've been doing are 1-3 females max - Tusos, Basiliosaurs, Thylas, Megalos, Megatheriums, Featherlights, etc - so a good range of dino sizes and normal maturation times. I've been rolling nothing but seemingly super high breedings interevals - so has my other tribemates. We both must have been getting super lucky before haha. Thanks!
  2. Long Breeding Interval Hey all, Has anyone experienced an unusually long (in comparison with prior to the recent event - not during) breeding interval? 1 day, 20+ hours, to over 2 day breeding intervals? I know we all got spoiled with the event, but I don't recall having intervals this long prior to the event and following the recent patch. Thanks, Matrices
  3. I 100th this suggestion - along with the failed idea that an advanced tek item, such as a tek trough should have a smaller radius than a entry level trough. These are supposedly "high tech" items in the game. They should perform as such. While you're at it, fix the starvation bug with multiple dinos that are well within range of troughs and are carrying full inventories of food. The TLDR version of this is FIX the game before you add more broken stuff.
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