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  1. Which server is that, cause we're moving.. screw server 81
  2. whattf today again it's login lock time.. 0/70. So server died again... Why isn't anything done about it??
  3. 80 81 and 82 were all bugged.. Everything works again since today and better than before.. Just a shame my Dino was snuffed on passive by some dude on a giga.. While I couldn't join
  4. 1 day later.. Server still 0/70. When trying to join I get login lock.. This is getting crazy wildcard.. Pls inform the ppl about all your broken extinction servers so we know we are waiting for you to fix it... Now it seems you don't even bother
  5. N/A-PVP-PS4Official-Extinction-Smalltribes81 Endless Login Lock 4 hours ago 7am in Germany I started playing on this server. During a solo orbit drop I suddenly died. When trying to respawn I was kicked and haven't been able to join ever since... Is anyone gonna do something about this? I probably lost my tame which took me 3 weeks to breed Now playing a new game.. The ark outage report.. Try it https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform?fbzx=3150262384809761163
  6. I would really love to play a full hour without lag or being kicked and having to look at a login lock for hours.. How about fixing it before adding more bugs?
  7. Getting Unicorned by wildcard I'm so dissapointed, I want my money back. When logging in to my extinction server everything was fine.. Starting to do a orbit drop.. Then all of a sudden I died out of the blue, tried to respawn nearby and got kicked.. Been waiting for an hour looking at a damn login lock while my lvl292 mana is just being a sitting duck on passive.. I'm so starting to loathe this game even though it's my favorite game since early access on pc. This is just getting rediculous.. Spending months to raise a decent Dino just to lose it in a few mins due to a poor server, and even worst support.. I'm so done. I guess most ddos attacks come from players who lost all their poop because of wildcards inability to listen to the crowd. It's like a sinking ship but the captain just tells his crew to keep throwing buckets of water back in the ocean.. Forget about fixing the leaks just keep carrying more water.. Until they actually sink. Isn't it obvious that you could earn allot more credit if you fix the issues at the core instead of patching them with a bandaid and keep pushing new content to attract more paying customers?? I'm sure the community would love to help fix this game if wildcard would accept their help. For now ill just spam the outage report I guess..
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