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  1. Honey should work as a lure. It will also attract everything else in the area as well, so be careful of that. Rare flowers should also work but will cause aggro on everything in the area. A third option is trying to glitch them into a taming pen on a raft... if they are near the shore.

    The proper way to have fixed this would have been to prevent pickup while a player is being carried by said creature. The drag weight could have been changed to a higher value when this happens, preventing pickup, and then restored to normal when the creature was no longer carrying a player. That or a simple flag being set and checked. Instead, the devs choose the usual extreme "lets just screw it up for everyone" option.

  2. Bright, rosy and just all around look how wonderful things are! Yet, you guys don't engage with the community, don't fix the major issues that people constantly have to bring up, don't properly test your updates and don't keep all your clients in working order.

    We have literally had broken Linux clients since the major update on Feb 25th. They don't work and none of us can play. I paid you for your game, i even paid for the first season pass, and yet you don't give a crap about keeping my game functional.

    No more money from me. You guys/gals can earn my respect and money back when you get your acts together and start being respectful to the people who keep you in business.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Zen00 said:

    You all are pretty stupid thinking that a new release, even one fully vetted before release, will stand up perfectly under full test load scrutiny.

    Also any server owner worth his salt knows you don't update a server until at least a couple days after any major patch is released, because there's always ALWAYS the possibility of game breaking bugs. Such as the time a patch was released that would wipe your server. If I was running one of your server clusters I would probably have waited at least a week after the release of the new DLC before implementing it because its 100% obvious it'd be a buggy mess for at least that long.

    I don't think anyone expects a flawless release even with testing, but issues that wipe servers/clients or completely break them because critical files were not included in the patch, those would have been caught and fixed. How about flyers not working where they should, that would have likely been caught. Its also highly possible they would have noticed some of the issues with the new creatures had they properly beta tested the damn thing. There will always be some balancing and bugs after a major launch, but the crap show that happens with Wildcard is always something far beyond special.

    As for the server comment. You know the client version gets updated, right? The server can sit on the old version as long as it wants, but the client is still going to be forced to update and then it will not be able to talk to the server anymore. So while you can wait to update the server, those using it will lose the ability to login if its a major version change like this.

  4. @Vas, it's not Steams fault at all. As you've said, Wildcrap should have stored the settings in a place that isn't touched. Basically, NOTHING but the game itself should ever touch anything inside the Saved folder. Content and settings should be generated by the game on first run. If a setting requires updating, then you have the game itself check and update that setting.

    That said, i do wish Steam would offer us a way to block/refuse updates and a way to rollback to previous versions. Being on Linux, this would be wonderful as Wildcrap enjoys screwing up our clients at every turn and then not fixing them for weeks on end.


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  5. 4 hours ago, Olivar said:
    • Fix bugs : people complain
    • Don't fix bugs : people complain

    The problem is them releasing crap like this in the first place without doing proper beta testing. Much of the problems, crashes and issues could have been found and fixed before it screwed up everyones game. You would still have minor bugs and issues to fix after release, but not on this level. You also wouldn't have screwed up peoples saved games and settings.

  6. Hooray!! Instead of properly fixing and optimizing our game correctly, we are going to simply remove minor poop that people had to work to acquire. No consideration for the community or their input, no options to allow non-official servers to keep things available as is, just quick and poopty patching and removal jobs. Surprised i am not. This is why i don't even bother with events anymore and another reason i will not be supporting any future DLC from WildCard.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Mike0440 said:

    Tried that, it keeps moving and flying away when I get close, I can't get it to stop or land with whistle commands I've even tried flying above it and dropping onto it but it always seems to turn after I already jumped. I was trying for hours.

    I know I could build another one, quite easy using commands (Wich is what I will probably do) just that one I made legit, no commands or creative mode.... I thought I would never say this but I guess my house just ran away lol.

    Even if its on wandering, the whistle follow (one) command should get the Quetz to follow you. Just make sure you are looking directly at it when you do the whistle. The all follow and stop whistles could be set to ignored and may be why they are not working.

    The other option would be the "playersonly" cheat command. This command freezes everything and only allows players to move. You wont be able to open/close doors, so keep that in mind.

  8. 15 hours ago, Fukushu said:

    why do you even need to drag around those specific dinos? Just out of curiosity, I have never since I play this game used an procto for anything else than to imprint boost. Megalosaurus for Aberration and Kapro+Galli seem just like very useless dinos to me? 

    I would rather need them making it possible to sit on a doedi while someone carries you with an argy.

    Not so much dragging them around (although that would be nice as well) as being able to catch them properly. The drag weight affects bolas and traps as well, meaning they stop working completely.

    Megalosaurus and Kapro will aggro and can be lead into pins/enclosures, the Galli and Procoptodon will not. I'm specifically looking to tame up Procoptodon for breeding on my server. They are already rare spawns and spawn in very dangerous areas of the island. Not having the ability to pick them up or temporarily lock them in place for taming is unacceptable and makes them extremely difficult to catch and tame.

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  9. Revert v303.1 drag weight changes...

    @Cedric Since there is a mesh detection/prevention system in place now, could you please roll back the drag weight changes that were applied on the v303.1 update. That or give us options in the .ini files to revert them. They make working with these creatures extremely difficult for no reason other then PvP mesh blocking. Thanks

    v303.1 - 12/11/19
    Modified Drag weight of creatures to prevent carry by Quetz and Crab: 

  10. I wouldn't worry about it. They always keep the Windows and Linux servers working with the Windows client, there would be complaints otherwise. The server versions are also normally just server features, so being behind shouldn't have any affect besides not having the latest server side features.

    To answer your second question. Linux is free and normally more stable as a server host. That's the reason most hosting uses it. You can probably find a Windows based host if you absolutely need one, but the cost is normally more because of the Windows licencing.

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  11. Well, i thought we wouldn't get an update either... glad to be proven wrong once and awhile. Just got client update to 304.4 on Linux. Check yours and see if you are updated and live again. 

    I also don't think there is any way to downgrade the servers once they update.

  12. 8 hours ago, UnfairPepi said:

    AMD makes my graphics card but I have no idea how to run any driver or install anything, graphics card is Radeon(TM) 530

    My best advice would be to find someone locally who could help you, especially if your uncomfortable doing it yourself. Beyond that, you can also look at the youtube video i linked below. It starts right at the AMD driver page and shows the process.

    Here is the download page on AMD for your driver: https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/radeon-500-series/radeon-500-series/radeon-530



  13. 5 hours ago, fefersten said:

    wow i think they're up to 304.41 or something now and we're still on 300.0, frankly WC i would like a refund until you treat all your players the same

    Best thing you can do is head to the Steam store page and flag/report ARK as broken. They shouldn't be selling it in this condition.

    Honestly, its really a low thing Wildcard has done yet again and they have been doing it since launch in 2017. We have been cut out of the holiday event and even prevented from playing over the holiday break. The dev team and company just don't care. I've submitted a suggestion that they move development to a beta branch and give everyone a stable option for a client and sever. It will go nowhere i'm sure.


  14. 6 hours ago, UnfairPepi said:

    How do I update graphics card driver?

    The best way is to pull the latest drivers from the chipset maker. So who makes the chipset in your card? Nvidia or AMD?

    Head to their website below and lookup the model of the card you have. (GTX ????, RX ????, etc)

    AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support
    Nvida: https://www.geforce.com/drivers

    The driver packages are self installing. Just run it and follow the prompts.

  15. Move ARK development to a beta branch and maintain stable clients/servers


    ARK players have been beta testing this game for far too long. It's time we had a stable release for both client and server that is maintained on all supported platforms.

    I am requesting that ARK development be moved to a beta branch and that stable releases are made standard for all platforms and kept in sync. Users who wish to test new features and experience content early, can choose to run the beta client and server if they wish. Users who simply want to reliably enjoy their game and play with friends, can have a working client with less turmoil from frequent game breaking updates and patches.

    Some of the benefits of this are:

    1. Consistently working clients and servers on all platforms.
    2. Less disruption from bugs currently caused by rapid updates and patches.
    3. Proper testing and quality assurance of updates and patches before they are released to all users.
    4. Stable mods for unofficial servers and mod authors being able to see upcoming changes before they happen.
    5. Reduction of both user complaints and user damage caused by untested/unstable updates and patches.

    There are probably more benefits i didn't think about, but i think this gets the general idea across. I know i personally would like ARK to finally reach a reliably usable state, and i'm sure many others in the player base feel the same way.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope this is implemented soon.

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  16. D3D is Direct3D, part of DirectX. I would look at checking / updating graphics card drivers first. Then maybe checking for updates to DirectX itself. On Windows 10 those come through Windows Update. You could also give Windows System File Checker a run and have it check for corrupted system files.

    System file checker information:

  17. It's hard to believe this still isn't fixed and the company that has taken our money won't properly address the problem. Also unbelievable that it continues to happen on a regular basis. I've submitted a ticket myself, though i don't expect much to come of it.

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