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  1. Bright, rosy and just all around look how wonderful things are! Yet, you guys don't engage with the community, don't fix the major issues that people constantly have to bring up, don't properly test your updates and don't keep all your clients in working order.We have literally had broken Linux clients since the major update on Feb 25th. They don't work and none of us can play. I paid you for your game, i even paid for the first season pass, and yet you don't give a crap about keeping my game functional.No more money from me. You guys/gals can earn my respect and money back when you get your a
  2. I don't think anyone expects a flawless release even with testing, but issues that wipe servers/clients or completely break them because critical files were not included in the patch, those would have been caught and fixed. How about flyers not working where they should, that would have likely been caught. Its also highly possible they would have noticed some of the issues with the new creatures had they properly beta tested the damn thing. There will always be some balancing and bugs after a major launch, but the crap show that happens with Wildcard is always something far beyond special.
  3. @Vas, it's not Steams fault at all. As you've said, Wildcrap should have stored the settings in a place that isn't touched. Basically, NOTHING but the game itself should ever touch anything inside the Saved folder. Content and settings should be generated by the game on first run. If a setting requires updating, then you have the game itself check and update that setting. That said, i do wish Steam would offer us a way to block/refuse updates and a way to rollback to previous versions. Being on Linux, this would be wonderful as Wildcrap enjoys screwing up our clients at every turn and the
  4. The problem is them releasing crap like this in the first place without doing proper beta testing. Much of the problems, crashes and issues could have been found and fixed before it screwed up everyones game. You would still have minor bugs and issues to fix after release, but not on this level. You also wouldn't have screwed up peoples saved games and settings.
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