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  1. ooooooooo.. I'm doing single at a time edit: I mean like single item
  2. Same here but with a Quetzel it CAN'T pick up Wild Dino's but can pick up tamed Dino's / tribe mates.
  3. Gacha Claus not making crystals So it's now the X-Mas Event and they have the Gacha Claus that you give it coal and mistletoe for loot. I spawned one in to see how it works and it didn't do anything. So I went out to find one legit, I found one gave it coal and mistletoe (one at a time) to for it to sit down eat and get back up and moving like the one I spawned in. Is there any way for this to stop happening beacause it's not a good experience for a new player not able to do what the event is for. P.S I play on Xbox (Don't know if that does anything) and play on The Island. Also S
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