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  1. Basilisk taming genesis. So I see you can tame basilisks on pc. When are we going to get this same treatment on Xbox?
  2. What is wild card doing? What is wild card doing about the no fliers on genesis map? Why have them on there and be able to tame them if you cant fly them? I believe that we all as PAYING customers should have an answer from y’all so we know what’s going on.
  3. Why are we hearing from wild card about the no flier situation? They spawn in and we can tame them. Then we can’t ride them? Then why even have them on the map in the first place?
  4. Happy holidays to y’all as well just wish y’all can fix the frost wyvern glitch on Val to where you can’t take it off the map and it has that raptor face. Please help us!!
  5. Can’t pod up creatures and can’t change servers. This needs to get fixed.
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