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  1. Play where it can be turned off. Only answer. Would have never bought this game if not for SP (mode not settings those suck)
  2. Although you cant automate it Steg yields are better. I gather the eggs and hatch them in sets of 50. Kill them all and harvest both xp and resources. The dino doing the killing matters as big AoE killers tend to not register all the kills esp. for materials. Next best is paras. Quetzs ok but not many have a good farm going. Raptors way too many problems....
  3. Agreed but not sure there is a better engine currently...
  4. Yep actually the biggest positive is size esp against the solo bosses. Not as helpful when you have 2 or more bosses in the arena.
  5. Megs are broodmother as they get insect bonus when they kill her spider minions. That being said save your time and create uber theri army Do all bosses well only downside is veggie cake farming to optimize that.
  6. I assume official since you wouldnt ask otherwise?
  7. Nowhere near everyone. PVP ruins PVE in games, been proven over and over. I only tried this game because of SP and non official. Would never play this bug infested mess without the ability to recover from the issues.
  8. Worked fine for me yesterday on SP Would never play this game any other way too much heartbreak.....
  9. Although I agree Ark and real life do not have to be correlated I think you are lying to yourself if you do not realize that in many cases they are. My personal experience is that they usually are. Running a single player solo out of the game and being proud is the definition of being a scumbag. Just because I can do something doesnt mean I should. And I never hear people bragging about taking down tribes 5x their size because this game is less about skill and more about time (or hacks). FYI none of this is directed at any particular person but rather at Ark PVP. Offline and offense onl
  10. I hope those of you who operate like this put half as much thought into the real world. Experience (online gaming since the early 90s) tells me it is not likely. At least you are the kings of your digital world amiright?
  11. you can transfer the structures and build it on new server....
  12. Would recommend Dino Storage v2 (2nd only to S+ in my mind) and dino pickup (lets you pickup every dino as a shoulder pet). Those two make the game way more playable. With pickup you can decide what you want to use it for. Main uses for me are getting dinos out of stuck positions (babies falling through floors etc) and for moving a new tame around if I dont have time to drag it home. Best part is if you pickup a non adult then you are carrying a big dino butt (e.g. a huge dino on your shoulder) in your face
  13. Single player and have bases on every map. Do Rag for what you want. If you have decent setup you can just drop bases on all maps. Singleplayer so stone is enough for exploratory bases. S+ for ease of making foundational items like transmitter, replicator etc. And if you can do mant/dragon arena on rag you will be swimming in element to create your expansion equipment.
  14. Well I learned something in this thread My point still stands. If your on char inventory last more than 24 hrs why would you use ark data (other than 50 more slots or crosstribe xfer?)? My bet is that items would disappear after 24 hrs. Cant wait to see if WC makes sense when you find out the answer.
  15. Anything in inventory drops when you upload (at least on SP). Defeats the purpose of ark inventory if it doesnt.
  16. Do you use a dino finder mod (PC)? If not then would spawn one in. But hat is me. This game is too grindy for me and I have years of playtime in WoW....
  17. Other advantage is Megas are small compared to Spinos. Easier to get more dinos hitting the boss. Having a different army for each boss is useful. If only one build a theri army as they most survivable across all three island bosses and and anywhere else dragon is (overseer etc).
  18. Make sure to post that as that would be epic. Would be amusing if his personal guard were Reapers or Gigas. Sorry I stepped on you boss.... ?
  19. Hopefully goes back further to real source material ca 1981 which predates your reference We could put a face on the basilisk and it would look a little like the God Emperor of Dune. But would need to be bigger than Titans.... Best of all just found out that there is a Dune movie coming this year. Best news in Sci Fi in YEARS!
  20. Yeah CF is great. I raid the trench with juiced Argies on SP (normal settings but tweaked settings). Eventually got one great lightning leveled up and then cloned it enough to wipe Manticore Alpha with no loses. If only element was easier to move...
  21. Key looks like player kills. I killed over a dozen including 85 squid and a couple 100 plus carnos to get barely level 2.
  22. Lost Chibi levels Spent timing chasing down enough Alphas for level 2. This morning looks like xp literally reset. Had a level 2 now all level 1s. Same chibi in slot since patch went live. All others in vaults. Anyone else see this? Guess time to spawn in 150 A Trexes to relevel but kind of concerned....
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