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  1. Although you cant automate it Steg yields are better. I gather the eggs and hatch them in sets of 50. Kill them all and harvest both xp and resources. The dino doing the killing matters as big AoE killers tend to not register all the kills esp. for materials. Next best is paras. Quetzs ok but not many have a good farm going. Raptors way too many problems....
  2. Yep actually the biggest positive is size esp against the solo bosses. Not as helpful when you have 2 or more bosses in the arena.
  3. Megs are broodmother as they get insect bonus when they kill her spider minions. That being said save your time and create uber theri army Do all bosses well only downside is veggie cake farming to optimize that.
  4. Worked fine for me yesterday on SP Would never play this game any other way too much heartbreak.....
  5. Well I learned something in this thread My point still stands. If your on char inventory last more than 24 hrs why would you use ark data (other than 50 more slots or crosstribe xfer?)? My bet is that items would disappear after 24 hrs. Cant wait to see if WC makes sense when you find out the answer.
  6. Anything in inventory drops when you upload (at least on SP). Defeats the purpose of ark inventory if it doesnt.
  7. Key looks like player kills. I killed over a dozen including 85 squid and a couple 100 plus carnos to get barely level 2.
  8. Lost Chibi levels Spent timing chasing down enough Alphas for level 2. This morning looks like xp literally reset. Had a level 2 now all level 1s. Same chibi in slot since patch went live. All others in vaults. Anyone else see this? Guess time to spawn in 150 A Trexes to relevel but kind of concerned....
  9. Funny I read this one not that one. I learned something (Cyropods). Was looking for news on Rex fix. Maybe save your complaints about other complaints for never?
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