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  1. Yay glider squirrel I'm happy as it seems it's a proper shoulder mount and not like the poor archyoptryx
  2. Awesome! Excited to see another community picked creature! Anonymous vote this time please??
  3. I don't know that they ever would but it would be pretty cool if lost island (or a future map) was an ark with some sort of force field or aura that would block tek all together. All tek structures, weapons, and armor simply would not work /be able to be crafted by default on this map. Maybe even as far as the super convenient cryopods! Any dinos that are more based around tek or element could be banned or limited much like aberration did with flyers and certain other creatures. Don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or if a Dev would even read this but it sounded
  4. Nice! I wonder how big of a pain in the butt this guy's going to be to tame? I hope the third dino is devs choice between ALL of the suggested creatures (not just top 10) for the vote! Something that will be really unique and fun to play with! Can't wait to explore lost island on baboon back!
  5. On a similar note, you cannot cycle/toggle helmet visor on any mount that doesn't support rider weaponry.
  6. I assumed this happened with one of the more recent updates moving the toggle helmet visor to hold R. Now when you're mounted and need to reload it brings up a radial menu to access your own inventory
  7. Glad to hear there will be more TLC patches!! Will we be getting a fix for the primitive lot crates on single player soon too?
  8. Easter event is my favorite event for the colors!! Also, those screenshots are amazing this time!!
  9. I both expected and am completely okay with the delay! Make it an amazing new update!
  10. Woo we got some grumpy players in here this week. Love the silly little analytics and fan art!
  11. Absolutely loving the fan art this time!!
  12. Didn't work on SP, that's a real bummer. I really only play SP
  13. I'm so excited for fear evolved!! Halloween is when I started playing last year!
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