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  1. Glad to hear there will be more TLC patches!! Will we be getting a fix for the primitive lot crates on single player soon too?
  2. Easter event is my favorite event for the colors!! Also, those screenshots are amazing this time!!
  3. I both expected and am completely okay with the delay! Make it an amazing new update!
  4. Woo we got some grumpy players in here this week. Love the silly little analytics and fan art!
  5. Absolutely loving the fan art this time!!
  6. Didn't work on SP, that's a real bummer. I really only play SP
  7. I'm so excited for fear evolved!! Halloween is when I started playing last year!
  8. (sorry if I posted this on the wrong spot) So I started a playthrough a while back in single player, and was having fun playing in single player, but when I got to the genesis expansion I realized there were bugs that made it difficult or impossible to get some creatures so I downloaded Ark server manager and transferred everything over without much trouble. Playing on a server made those bugs go away, but I'd still prefer to play single player so my pc doesn't have to work as hard. I read recently they fixed the dino spawns in genesis so I wanted to go back to playing on Si
  9. This person has a pretty good video showing where to find the entrances to the aberration zone. And yes, I'm pretty sure as long as your world is set to pvp with friendly fire off you can tribe up with your bro you can kill unclaimed dinos and pick up wild dinos. It does give you the cryo cool down though! Valguero is one of my favorite maps for all of its fun places to explore! Aberration zone, underground water ocean, spider cave, ice and fire wyvern trenches, all the neat ruins... A+
  10. I'm not roro, but there's multiple entrances to the aberration cave on Valguero. My favorite entrance is the one at 38 57. Be careful, you can't use bolas down there, and there's nasty ravagers! The crabs can also pull you off your tame in the water area, so make sure you do your research before going down there! As for taming baryonyx, you can either make sure your world is set to pvp so you can pick up wild dinos or build a 2x2 stone taming pen and lure them in with your meaty body hah Those are the safest ways the get the bary. You may want to actually look into tami
  11. Same troubles here. Ravager rekt my face because I expected to bola it
  12. I mostly play single player and there's been so many crashes since this update for me. I've already tried validating files and it doesn't seem to be related to one single thing
  13. Yay more chibis! Think we'll get a fix for the reseting of XP on the chibis when a server is shut down /restarted? (for us non- official server players) So many dead alphas and I've only managed to get one level up before the little dude gets reset.
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