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  1. Why is it after 5 years you still can't get it right? Since I have been playing this game I've noticed the same issues on going,and the same issues every time they do a update. Every time over the last 5 years. So no happy birthday from me. I just don't get it,how can you not really fix anything,male things worse every update, and with every seasonal event the same issues every year come with them every year you fix nothing. Drove me crazy until I figured it out. They are based in my state. Washington state outside of Seattle about 45 mins from my house,than it all made sense. Look at Seattle and the surrounding area,its run by a bunch of complete morons who do as little as possible but still still want to take all of its citizens money with taxes for everything and get a ton of cash but fix nothing same business strategy that the makers of ark have good job guys
  2. Unlikely but still needs to be done the whole dam game needs to be actually fixed its raptored up that everytime you turn on your system and it shows ark updating you have to think hmmm wonder what they are gonna mess up this time
  3. Is it really that hard to fix SOMETHING Is it really that hard WildCard to fix something? Just one thing that really matters like blue screening and dint say that is the fault of my internet because it is not it is in the game programming. Its messed up as long as this game has been out these major issues you never even acknowledge
  4. When will you get it right Your recent ps4 update was and is useless. The list of things you claim players complained about I had to search for a long time to fund one of those complaints. But the ones everyone is complaining about you did nothing to fix. The dam whistle really you couldn't fix that at least? Come on
  5. Notice of divorce from Ark I am giving my notice of intent to divorce this giant piece of bleep you call Ark. Since what was it 2017 when released on consoles (I am not a PC player so the things I mention are not referring to PC because I don't know about it on PC) a million problems and issues have been there. Most of the worst ones still are. You continue to release "seasonal" updates Valentine's day is the current one. With everyone there are tons of issues like loosing your character completly, not being able to transfer servers without loosing everything with your character, loading in but not being able to interact with anything at all,issues with buildings and dinosaurs not fully rendering. Ect ect ect. Instead of actually fixing anything you do nothing but release more broken dlc at prices that are outrageous because the dlc is broken. Promises of dlc to be released you held back because you know its broken but when you release it it will be broken and cause all the issues I just mentioned and more. This happens evrrytime and has since day one. There is no good reason for this other than you simply do not care you have our money already. Now don't get me wrong I love Ark well loved Ark I played faithfully almost daily and told myself every time I lost my character and all my stuff,or eveyrime I blue screened or every time I loaded in but could not do anything so quit the game and try 15 more times to have the same thing happen. I reached the point where I am 100% done with Ark,this company will not ever see another penny from me and anyone who asks me a out Ark I'll!tell them the idea and concept of Ark is awesome the actual game is almost garbage. A better game in every way is Conan. Everything from the menu system to graphics and overall game play is better so sorry Ark there will be no reconciliation or saving this broken n marriage that you broke. The game is crap and you know instead of fixing it you almost round the clock have to sort through all sorts of any post and bug reports almost more than fallout 76 and trust me that's bad. Makes no sends the way you make your games or run your company please remember with out us players there is no Ark no Ark no you if you remembers that things would be different. It you don't
  6. Man I'm so freaking tired of all these bs garbage game companys that want to charge way to dam much for a game than the DLC and they do Christmas and Halloween crap updates that usually give you useless cosmetic crap but even after a game has been out for as long as ark has they can't fix simple crap. Like going from one map to another and proof your charecter is just gone and all you have done or tamed is now useless its bullpoop
  7. Changed server lost my charecters Ok it's hard to find a simple answer tired of reading tons of useless info. I was playing pve on Val my buddy wanted to check out Abberation. He said keep my character so I did. We changed over it sucks I died wanted to go back. So try to teleport back it's trying to make me make a new charecter I select load charecter and it does not have the one 8 need listed at all. So went to go back on Abberation game wanted me to make another charecter selected load and same thing charecter is not there. Wyf do I do? What about everything on the first map.i was on all my dinosaurs all my buildings ect DILO
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