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  1. I have tribe members still waiting and friends in other tribes still waiting but we all are excited to dive right in once the servers are up
  2. cant wait to see the new chibis and hopefully get some of the ones im missing
  3. personally I don't think all Legacy servers will be deleted but we are excited got the new genesis maps
  4. this is happening on some pc servers as well
  5. i hope the roll back isn't to far back I had gotten my rex army some good saddles today and dont want to ask a friend to borrow his bp again
  6. no warning i doubt it was an update more like a multi-server crash
  7. not just xbox pc servers are down as well
  8. yea the server im on did the same and here i was just gathering gacha crystals to keep my generator running
  9. I enjoyed this event a lot. missed out last year due to how sick I was and the year before didn't live up to what i was expecting. any way heres the pros and cons on the event. Pros: Chibis, rare blueprints, winter island theme, Christmas colored creatures, the 2x breeding and taming Cons: Chibi rarity, splitting chibi types between both raptor claus and gacha claus, rare blueprints being almost the same type (ghillie armor and swords) making them very common, missing rain/snow weather affects, a glitch when getting xp for your chibi sets it back to level one one thing i would like to see is make the chibis more intractable like performing emotes or even interacting with other chibis, like a chibi rockdrake sensing a chibi reaper nearby.
  10. though i am wondering is there a rarity rating when it comes to the different server types with these blueprints? (PVE Official, PVE Legacy, PVP Official, PVP Legacy)
  11. this makes me wonder if Chibis are going to be trade item after the event is over
  12. got some friends on one of the pve servers they are removing and man they are not happy about it kinda glad i stayed on the island till this point
  13. Thanks for this list a tribe member of mine was desperately looking through Raptor claus drops trying to find the giga-chibi
  14. cant wait to see what goodies we can get this year from raptorclaus
  15. personally I like legacy servers the community is great. if one or two bad seeds pop up on the server, the rest of the community takes action. I still remember two years ago when a guy from Alpha tribe built at red obby on a pve server to prevent players from using it and logged out where we could get to him. We dragged his butt all the way from red obby to carno island where we jailed him. Hard part was keeping him alive back then till he learned his lesson but if something like that happened these days we could keep any bad players in "jail" until they either fix their mistakes, return stolen resources, or just quit the server entirely. Other times the community has helped returning players who had lost everything rebuild. I personally have experienced this. after building up my tribe to be able to do boss fights for the first time, I fell ill the day before I was supposed to take my new boss fighting rexs and yuti and fight the three main ark bosses. I ended in and out of the hospital for over a year with no way to log in in time to reset the decay timers. When I did return, many of the tribes on the server I play on helped me rebuild by giving me dinos and resources. and I'm not talking run of the mill starter dinos, I'm talking fully bred with good stat dinos. lastly there is the multi tribe community events and build projects we do that end up being a lot of fun. Titans vs Wyverns, Gasbag football, Ark Olympics to name a few. all in all its better on the legacy servers than the normal ones.
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