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  1. Curious to know what the event will be like at Crystal Isles. Congratulations to the developers and the entire ARK community.
  2. I just have something to say about all this. Take my money
  3. Only those who do not want to see the evolution of ARK do not see it. For devs, it doesn't matter if the griffins are reproducible or not. Pay attention to the history of ARK, the announcements that Genesis 2 is the last DLC of the old ARK. Genesis 2 takes us into space, out of the chests. The story will continue in ARK 2, in a new engine, to meet the new generation of consoles. Space exploration is the future of ARK.
  4. A lot of complaints about reproduction rates, I also don't think it should increase. However, the best solution would be to create breeding events every month. I believe the community would appreciate it very much. @Cedric think about it
  5. When I looked at the word ARK and the number 2 together, a tear came out of my eye, but I realized that it was only part 2 of the genesis. Ark 2 would be awesome with the unreal engine 5. The new technology is there, this leap needs to be made.
  6. It is clear what will happen, on the 28th they close the legacy servers and on the 31st at night the genesis is launched occupying the spaces of the legacy servers. ??
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