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  1. gt: EndurableArc08 Im a simple ark player with a good chunk of knowledge of the game looking for a good first time experience with tribes
  2. lookin to join sup gamer tag is EndurableArc08 and im just lookin for my first tribal experience and id like it to be a good one so i wanna join u nice people
  3. lookin to join sup im just a random ark player trying to look for a good first experience with an actual tribe, would love to try with this one and hope you accept still!
  4. intro Sup my names Gio, i got ur tribe to 69 people, i own like 4 birds, cant drink yet, and just trying to socialize in this game for once since i only play single player. I know my way around the island atleast and know a bit about the other arks as well even though i havent played yet. I hope i get to really know u guys if u accept me!!! discord is Gio #8995
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