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  1. FYI, the server has been down 9 days now. Every single tamed dino on that entire server has auto-decayed now. As my original thread title says, it's as good as an unannounced server wipe. After logging 2,874hrs it's terribly sad that it ends like this, with a whimper. It's also disheartening that the devs haven't done - or at least communicated - anything to fix this since the issues started last year. I've submitted countless outage reports, and never heard a thing back, and nothing ever improved. Obviously I have loved this game, but the lack of care for fixing anything over p
  2. Went to do a boss on an Island server and of the 5 ascendant assault rifles we uploaded, 4 vanished. That was a particularly egregious rate, but still... if moving was going to take weeks AND we'd lose 50-80% of all our things, then it seemed safer to just bet that "there's no way they can leave this popular official server so broken!". Seems I was wrong.
  3. It's the only official Ragnarok PVE server in Asia, not swimming in alternatives. Besides, since it's a "dodgy server", we can barely transfer anything. Tried moving to an Island server a while back, but transferring items is predictably broken - it takes forever to move them into the obelisk (on top of 30min timers), and they very often disappear altogether into the void anyway. FYI, server still down, 4 days and counting again. Pretty certain my 3000hrs of 'stuff' has auto-decayed at this point, and I'll never play Ark again which is a shame. Steam says server is offline, join
  4. What's the difference then? Since the server "came back" 10 days ago, it's been off again most of the time, usually for days. Currently on another 2 day outage and a 7-day up-time of 22%. The server is gone from the server-list - isn't that being down? I would've thought that seeing it but getting connection errors or timeouts was "inaccessible".
  5. Well, Ragnarok41 finally came back online, which is a relief! In the 23hrs since it came back, there have been 8 more outages lasting over 1hr each, but that's normal. To reiterate, the world doesn't pause. In that 100hr+ outage, our thatch structures auto-decayed and our cryopods NOT in a cryofridge lost 4 days on their timers. If there's any way to lobby the devs so that the world DOES pause during an outage, that would be great.
  6. Ragnarok41 still down, 4 days and counting. We didn't notice when the server became Legacy; it was so popular that we just assumed it wouldn't be on the list. Unfortunately ALL official Asia PVE servers became Legacy despite popularity. I understand re-purposing dead servers, but these servers are often WAY more active than surviving official ones. Again, I'd take a server backup download so I don't lose my 3000hrs and go single player but there's no backup since July 2019. We all know that it's tough sledding to lose a few hours of gameplay and have to retread the same progress; a Y
  7. Definitely should be, but unfortunately not. Our babies always starve during outages, our regular dinos can starve during particularly long ones! After January's week-long outage, most of the bases on the server had auto-decayed once it finally came back online. I was begging for a rollback because our world was devastated, but nope. (btw, server still offline, 80hrs now... and I can promise you the world isn't paused)
  8. No, it's official LEGACY-The-Asia-PVE-Ragnarok41 Still down, over 3 days now. If it stays off for 8 days - again - then it's as good as a wipe, with everyone's dinos and many structures auto-decaying. It's a popular server too; during the Easter event it was often at 70/70 capacity. The server has been so unstable in general - 90-day uptime of 59% - that I'd honestly just take a server backup and play with my toys in single player, but there hasn't been a "periodic" backup made for a year either.
  9. I appreciate the reply. Server outage reports are largely redundant; I'd need to submit 8-15 per day for each daily outage that lasts over 30mins. In late January, the server went down for over 7 days - if an outage report takes over a week to be looked at, then it's pretty useless. The official server has now been down over 31hrs, and it isn't just a 3rd party site telling me that - I personally haven't been able to see the server for 31hrs. Glad that it isn't legit considered "dead", but still, it'd be nice if it could come back online sometime this week.
  10. Official server WIPED w/o notice?!? Official server Ragnarok 41 is usually down... srsly, it has a 90-day uptime of 49%, it's literally off most of the time. It's currently been down for 27hrs straight, which isn't unusual... except that this time, the Battlemetrics status has changed from "offline" to "dead". Without any notice (and without any backup download in almost a year), this is worrying.
  11. Farcical official server outage Every time, I just need to come here & vent. Closing in on 3,000hrs played, I've had waaay more than my money's worth, I know. But still... my official server (popular, btw, with 30-50 players at all times) has a 90-day up-time of 49% The server is down the majority of the day, every day. "Server outage" forms clearly aren't helping! Just got fantastic mutations on some pteras! Well, I say "just got", that was 4hrs ago when the server was last online. And rollbacks never happen, so my against-the-odds ptera babies are dead. It just sucks, y'know
  12. obelisk upload bug I play on official PVE where players block all the artifacts because, y'know, players. So I transfer to other servers to get them, and I always lose around 1-in-5 items I upload to the obelisk. I upload them, they disappear from my inventory, and they *don't* appear in the Ark data (and yes, I wait a long time). I always just have to hope it's something replaceable... I lost 4 ascendent pump-action shotguns and 3 cryopod dinos last week. I'm not going over any limits, I'm not putting them in the wrong place; again, 80% of the stuff transfers. I just wondered if
  13. Who has the worst official server? Do I play on the worst official server in all of Ark? Ragnarok 41 currently has a 90-day up-time of 48% Events like this (2.5x inc. breeding) are useless, because at *some* point a server outage is guaranteed to make babies starve. This weekend that death-count is 5 rexes, 2 dragons and a thylo. It isn't a recent thing; again, server is online less than HALF THE TIME in total. (https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2159345/downtime) Does anyone play on an official server worse than this?!
  14. We sound like whiny fans, but the important part IS actually "fans". We love this game and all it could be, and so our passion creates a strong negative reaction when things go wrong; and things never stop going wrong. Which ARK fan is reading this and honestly thought that the newest DLC WOULDN'T break the existing game?! It's happened with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. before this, and now even every single event is game-breaking. My official server is down for - literally - a week at a time. Managed to log in this morning to Ragnarok - nothing to do with Genesis! - and all my paint job
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