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  1. Pretty sure legacy won't be getting the new map, why would they. They said literally years ago legacy will be receiving no more support, and they will be giving the saves for download. You want the dead server, you pay for it.
  2. Kindo necro but this had been really useful, I'm curious if you can do the data for max level 210 wild? I had found a deinonoychus egg with 53 points, curious how rare that really is
  3. Cluster Transfer Bug Our cluster finally went back up, but we are experiencing a new glitch with transfers. We can travel to another map, but upon clicking a bed the screen goes dark and the game says create new survivor. Character data cannot be download. Loading back to the original map does however let us download our character back to it. Any suggestions on fixing? Worth noting someone did say the transfer worked for him, but for two it has not.
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