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  1. Tek leggings dissapeared 2x's I had 2 different tek pants crafted and they dissapeared on me. The first one dissapeared while transferring from extinction to valguero while wearing them, there was no timer either and tribe mate checked to see if they were dropped in extinction and there wasn't a bag. The second time I went to upload them to try and keep them and it did it again except it dissapeared before I could transfer them. I switched Into my ghillie and proceeded to upload the tek chest piece, helmet and gauntlets and when I got to the pants they just went there. No dropped bags or items.
  2. I am having the same issue on xbox. My tribe mate and myself went for the genesis chronicles one notes and discovered what was necessary both for the island and scorched. For some reason it's not showing up in our discoveries notes for hlna. So for whatever reason the game is not even registering that we even discovered the notes and well we also dont have the skin either.
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