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  1. As far as the original post does anyone know for sure if this was intentional?
  2. Hope not we use that thing as a grapple a lot.
  3. Well actually i'm pretty sure they did make it to where bloodstalkers can't sling any more while overencumbered.
  4. Useing the drill on Bloodstalker With the drill and a bloodstalker i was able to get rid of my utility dinos but now the drill doesn't work while mounted on a stalker any more! was this done on purpose or is it a bug that came with latest patch?
  5. Xadam

    Fatal Error Logs

    Where the raptor the Dev's at? I would accept even a we know of this issue. I've verified files, reinstalled completely, updated all drivers, I'ma try deleting all my mods and see if that does anything.
  6. Xadam

    Fatal Error Logs

    same exact error. Ark freezes and then after awhile will pop this error. No fix in sight? Trying to finish Extintion before Gen releases
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