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  1. I am having the same issue. Trying to do an event for my cluster, none of them work. This is the only post I have found mentioning it.
  2. I will be working with the community soon to address this very issue! In the meantime the Cluster is still: Ark Genesis [Boosted Cluster] I will update this post once the cluster has a new more unique name.
  3. Sure thing. The most common and popular events are raid bases. For that I build a large base armed with turrets and other defenses, and invite the cluster to raid it. Inside will be vaults of various loot, resources, armor, saddles etc. Tribes are free to work together or try and tackle the base alone. If you want to do something similar on a PVE server you could perhaps build a base and use wild Dinos as defense, or turn off pve just for the raid base. Another event is the "loot party" and would be easy to do on your server. I run around the map on a high speed mount spawning in supply d
  4. That's a tough one to answer. There are so many settings and people play the game in so many different ways. 10-15x is nice for harvesting and taming. In addition to that I like to boost the settings related to mating so, maturation, imprint and mating interval etc. Another thing I like to do, to balance the easier settings, is to increase wild Dino damage just to keep things interesting
  5. Join the fun! Several tribes of various size have made Ark Genesis their home. Still plenty of room to grow and places to build, seed you there.
  6. Big thanks and welcome to all the players joining so far! It has been more than I expected, so I will be adding the Island map sometime this week!
  7. Hello Coachfour When searching for sessions type "Ark Genesis" and every map on the cluster will show up. Be sure to have "Unofficial PC Sessions" selected in the Session Filter on the bottom right of the search screen.
  8. Thank you for the support Myosapien! A large number of the new players on the Ark Genesis cluster have come from Arkopolis and it has been a blast having them. I have done several events so far, loot parties, scavenger hunts and as tribes grow so will the events. In the near future I will be building raid bases for the community to take on! Happy new year everyone!
  9. Thank you RZAlution! I'm glad you are enjoying the cluster, if you have any questions let me know.
  10. Thank you to everyone who has joined so far!!! I will be adding The Center to the cluster today
  11. Ark Genesis Cluster 3x XP, 10x Harvest & Tame, 35x Maturation, PvP Welcome to the Ark Genesis PvP cluster. Join a fresh start!!! Launched on 12/13/19 6 maps: Genesis (pending release), Aberration, Center, Extinction, Island, Ragnarok & Valguero. Server rates: 3x XP 10x Harvest 10x Taming 10x Player weight 35x Maturation 3x Loot quality 5x Stack size 150 Turret limit 10 Player tribe limit 150 Wild dino lvl (180 for tek & 190 eggs) Monthly events include boosted weekends for harvesting/taming/b
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