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  1. Follow command To me the follow command means follow me. Not land on me, block my way, wedge me in or anything like that. It should mean follow as in stay behind me a few meters depending on what distance I set. It is so annoying when they stop on you and trap you inside them. Worst offenders are Argents and all the aquatic retarded creatures.
  2. Bow3

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Unfortunately I have only had one out of five hives that I demolished contain a queen bee. Bugged? or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Bow3

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. Bow3

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Worked a treat thanks
  5. Bow3

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Bee transfer to Gen I got my snails transferred from Rag but I cant feed them because I cant bring in Bees
  6. False anti meshing Giant bee killed by anti meshing at x 308223.500 y 241039.266 z 1826.0561 Fresh tame, it flew there itself.
  7. Bow3

    Timed missions

    Timed missions How the hell am I supposed to do timed missions when the lag constantly sends me back in time? It wouldn't be so bad if it just froze you and the timer but NO. It keeps the timer running and still implements the steering controls so you end up way from where your screen tells you are. Add more time to the timed quests for your laggy, bugged game. TY
  8. Bow3

    Catapult Turret

    Catapult Turret Not sure if this is a bug or not. I am unable to use an unlocked Catapult Turret. I have made my own and the unlocked one has ammo but I cannot mount it. This is a big pain as the lunar caves have very little room outside them and already have turrets in place by other players. Would be nice to be able to use it
  9. Bow3

    I want to DIE

    Yep that worked thanks. Saved me an hour wait lol
  10. Bow3

    I want to DIE

    And now I'm stuck in an Air Conditioner waiting to die. I should have been aware of my surroundings or carried some grappling hooks. Silly me! Suicide button FFS.
  11. 2: Indeed 4: The drill should be good, not the rubbish it is. As it stands it should be entry level equipment. 5: Its like the lucky dip at a local fete. (Not a good investment) Lol
  12. This still happens when the tool breaks. Logging out is all I have found that works.
  13. This is still not fixed. You have to deselect everything then do a search for Genesis engrams.
  14. I got them too. I presume it is a bug (Hope).
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