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  1. please is time to finish the event, all servers crash several times in one day its rly imp play ARK, i play more than 2 years and never see that i m very sad and if cont we stop play ARK
  2. same with Json error ... DILO wildcard????
  3. Fear Eolved 4 event should be breeding x3 and harvesting taming x2 (base x2=x4)
  4. yo tambien perdi my personaje y no me ayudaron incluso enviando implante, el servicio al cliente de ARK es realmente malo
  5. another little bug .... omfg the game is totally broken
  6. ok, excuse but i lose characters dinos for bugs and i m very very tired ..... i hope exist crystal works when re patch
  7. little bug? its same say me giga dont bite .... little bug ? gacha only use for it ... but programers say little bug and wait several days to solve it, and my solution is stupid, nice GP flame the users and crystal we have? post future patch = zero mat you ll see ...
  8. idc wildcard rly bad programers .... idc all my gachas crystals empy the solution????? unistall thje ark ??????
  9. tuso new rates i give 2 imprints and mature and imprint not good ... its a new bug????? or niveled on next imprints?
  10. idc .... the programing ark rly shame, steam sell me the game in my language but not work correctly, should be demand steam???????? i never see worst game programing, not work any in other language only english .....
  11. forum images i cant see images in forum sevaral days ago, it is normal?
  12. another bug? last update cryo info not show ... someone with this problem?
  13. i lose my PJ for bugs in ark when wild card update the servers may 16 ... and in present still waiting for GM i opened ticket and appointment me LITERAL message "Thank you for scheduling an appointment for Mon Jul 13, 12:30 – 1:00 pm" 2 months later wild card solve me the bug IDC this game really not help players whos play ARK .... is the first game i feels really bad with GM and admins poples .... the game is far above technical assistance
  14. server extinction 468 EU PVE offline please up my PJ there this server offline more than 14 hours
  15. server extinction 468 EU PVE offline can any help me how comunicate to up server 468 extuinction EU PVE? my PJ there and probably lost dinos imprint in my home server valguero..... im unlucky
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