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  1. A time for open transfer would be nice for planning our day.
  2. @Aylana314159 You sure have alot of chatter but 90% seems to be an expert of the obvious.
  3. It is not just about doing the boss's, it is about defending your base against megatribes with Gigas munching your base and taking all the materials you harvested the past 3 months. You build your base from thatch to metal with all the Dinos and resources available on Genesis. Day one on open transfer the Mega tribes come in on one giga an meatrun your base only because they have access to Giga's which noone on Genesis had. Oh and they are polite and wait until you are offline so you don't have to watch all your hard work and dedication evaporate into nothingness as they load up all your resources and head back to one of their 13 servers.
  4. Allowing Gigas on Genesis is not a prudent move. Gigas are not native to Genesis and do not belong here. They are far too overpowered and overbred from other servers. There is no need for them to be on Genesis there is no counter for them because there are no flyers. Please rethink this horrible decision.
  5. I am having the same issues, my FPS drops from 60-30 FPS then the game starts stuttering and pausing and half way thru I disconnect to menu screen.
  6. The Genesis countdown ends in: 0 days, 2 hours, 49 minutes, 39 seconds.
  7. I simply cannot believe the limited amount of information available for Genesis. Usually you can research and get educated on what to expect and not have to go in blind. The producers should be hyping this map up if they want to make any money to fund the next one. Who is in charge of marketing @wildcard ? They need to be re-educated.
  8. Is this the blue screen error only affecting Ragnarok?
  9. Login Lock gremlin has returned. Please Fix ASAP. This time try not to reboot servers 3 times in 10 minutes
  10. This is just piss poor customer service. If they added the "Login Lock" feature to the game why not include it with the patch notes? It should have been a line item with exact lock wait etc. Some of us play on multiple servers and have multiple characters. Fair warning would have been wonderful when you are doing imprints and have babies hatching/birthing. Grrrrrr! to you sir!
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