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  1. If you are looking for a server that is active and has a great community and admins that respond quickly then ottertopia is for you. Highly recommend if you are after a high rate aussie server
  2. here are some screenshots from events and fun moments
  3. This server is great for the player who loves PVE Ark and a fun community. Every player on Smol's server are very friendly and they all help each other out. It also have great mods to keep you entertained and server events which are really fun. Smol is a great admin that makes sure the server is always up to date so there isnt much downtime. Great server if you want to meet new people that all have a love of Ark. Discord is super active and welcoming
  4. Hidden Lake isnt getting touched... Look at the Map from the Ark Devs not the one a couple of posts up from some random player, that one is wrong.
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