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  1. Ark Win 10 S+ Just wondering if the S+ mod is available for nitrado servers for xbox and win 10, thanks.
  2. @Smoit They do it every update dont they lol? break the game by adding a 'fix'..
  3. ARK Windows 10 Version This has probably been covered before but yeah, me and a friend play on a non ded game (me being the host) just wondered if i coud setup a dedicated server using the progress we have from the non dedicated save. Ive heard the steam version can copy game save files etc.
  4. probably have to wait another 3 days for the update like usual. Why they dont release updates at the same time is beyond me.
  5. hey man, yeah exactly the same for me, its beyond a joke now. Literally nothing from WC as to a fix etc.
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