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  1. so if i start different maps, my save will be the same? but if i coexist the same survivor, the game will automatically delete the other save?
  2. Save Data Would it be possible to save data on the island and on another map (say ragnarok) at the same time? Or would it delete my previous save?
  3. Fish Basket Compatible with Cryopod? Can Coelacanths, leeches, Trilobites and the sort be put in a cryopod when tamed with a fish basket?
  4. thanks i didnt know if it worked like a preserving bin lol
  5. so if i supplied a constant power source, the pods wouldnt die? (im new to tek and electricity so forgive me if i say something stupid)
  6. Can Cryopods Die Inside the Cryofridge? I want to store most if not all my creatures in cryopods and i was wondering if the cryofidge stopped the death timer or, slowed it like preserving bins do.
  7. probably one of the ways they want legitimate players to buy the dlcs if they havent
  8. okay i guess ill just haul arse over to broodmother with my damage setting cranked up and a mastercraft crossbow!
  9. i think thats referring to being (this might be wrong bc i dont own any ark dlc) able to craft engrams from dlc you own in other arks but i can check next time i log in
  10. from what ive researched, unstable element is only on extinction, which i dont have so i cant craft it unless im wrong
  11. Element Dust in Vanilla Ark I play vanilla ARK i started acquiring element dust from tek creatures, but i figured out it could only craft element in Extinction. I was wondering if the resource could craft element in the vanilla game without purchasing the DLC Extinction.
  12. i play ps4 and from what ive heard im out of luck, thank you though that was very appreciated.
  13. i dont exactly know how to do that is there a way i can stop them from spawning or am i out of luck?
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