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  1. Cryopods were never removed my tribe just made a bunch today
  2. Deinoychus Saddle Engram Gone? I went to try and learn the deinoychus saddle engram but it disappeared off the face of the Earth
  3. It flies so high on SE because you're supposed to use fliers against it.
  4. Solo on PVP Official I'm thinking of going solo on official PVP and I would like some pointers of things like where I should build, PVP tactics, etc.
  5. So you want this game to be pay to win?
  6. The turtle is a permanent tame we were told in the live stream.
  7. This is going to be the first map I'm actually waiting on to launch in the past when I played singleplayer I never cared about going to the other maps because I never bought the season pass but as soon as I had got the season pass and playing on the official servers I realized the magic this game really is and that's what made me pre order genesis and I'm crazy hyped for it because all the people I play with are going over there and we can have a brand new way to play ark again.
  8. Happened to me as well but no response yet after making a support ticket
  9. Imagine a mobile sea base that can destroy everything in it's path
  10. I'll have to try that when I get back on tonight.
  11. This has happened to me as well and I don't think you can fix this from happening.
  12. I tried that a few times now but it still hasn't showed up within my inventory
  13. HLN-A Skin Not Showing Up I just bought Genesis last night and the HLN-A skin isn't showing up in my inventory when I spawn in is there any way to fix this?
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