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  1. Just wondering if any of you guys know any good ark pve abberation servers
  2. I can see why people are angry about the delay, (s) but dont give wildcard so much hate! Wildcard is trying their best to run an amazing game. Keep up the good work!
  3. ark ps4 aberration server HELP Does anyone know a good ark pve ps4 server with 25 to 30 people that has a non toxic community? Thx.
  4. 196 rock drake dead cause of bug I was transferring form servers and I spawned in on the surface and it was night and my drake was on fire? It died and it was my favorite rock drake. Now I can't go queen hunting anymore.
  5. Yes she wont be able to burrow away. But dont go to far away from the queen as she will despawn if you go to far! Syntac built a massive birthing chamber next to the trap, probably what I'm gonna end up doing.
  6. How to get your own reaper king! I got my first reaper a little while ago, and I wanted to make a guide on how to get yours. Alot of people have trouble with this apparently, so hopefully this helps. So you might be here thinking, what mount should I use, or what stats should I have, or what materials and trap should i have? This guide should answer all those questions. 1. The mount So my personal opinion on the mount for reaper queens (and many others) is the rock drake. And I know I know, if your here right now, it's probably because you read somewhere that it's only possible with a rock drake, and you want an alternative. It's not impossible with a different mount, it's just the fact that rock drake torpor drops extremely fast, and if they ever do get damaged enough your actually concerned them you can fly away. When I first tried to get a queen I used a spino. I had the trap and everything else setup when I found a queen, the first spine attack she did I almost had max torpor. It was a low level tame, (12 or somthing) but it's just so much more convenient on a drake. Getting a drake egg is VERY easy. Seriously. The hard part is getting the air conditioners to hatch it. Around 20 of them. Ye. I managed to do it, and it's so rewarding once you get your first drake, where as wyevrns you can legit be a beach bob and get one on a ptera. I highly recommend using a anky to get the metal for the ACs and go to the blue zone. Just set up a small base with a lot of furnaces and grind it all out. Materials for 20 air cons: 3600 metal ore 300 electronics 100 polymer 300 crystal Rock drake saddle: 350 hide 225 fiber 120 metal ingots 85 red gems The rock drake eggs are located in the grave of the lost, in the red zone, so you will need a hazard suit. Good luck! 3. The trap There are tons of different traps to choose from, you can even build your own if want. Nooblets, syntac and luckybynature have all done trap tutorials and there all nice, solid traps. I went with syntacs, because its effective, I had video proof it worked, and its relatively cheap. 12× foundations, 3 stone dino gateways, a behemoth dino gate and a behemoth dino gate door. I built mine around 60 70. Its a great location because it's right next to the molten element region, and theres no radiation, so you can where somthing more protective then a hazard suit. If you want to build it, the link to syntacs video: 2. The stats As far as the stats go for a rock drake, you want at least 15k to 20k hp, and 600+ melee. If you have a low level drake, (or any dino at all) your going to really want to bring a whole lot of stimberries. You could just make stimulant instead, but 20 stimberries on a drake drain all the torpor. Also note that auric mushrooms dont work for torpor drain. I used a primitive saddle for my rock drake, but if you have found a better one definitely use it. 3. the tools I used a 2 primitive hazard suits, to increase my time looking for queens, a sheild would be convenient. Some healing brews, and magnifying glass (100% neccessary) a glow pet with around 1000 charge would be extremely convenient, but you can do it with 700 or less. 4. The birthing chamber I literally just used a stone 2 × 2 with 2 stone walls high, and a ladder, but you could definitely make somthing better. 5. The impregnation Now that you have everything, (hopefully you didnt just skip to this part lol) you want to start looking for your queen. Since it's your first queen, you probably just want a reaper. But I looked for a somewhat high level reaper queen. (lvl 95) once you find a reaper queen you want, lure it back to the trap. Once it's in the trap CAREFULLY close the traps door. (I almost died trying to close the door cuz I accidentally dismounted ._.) Once it's in, turn your light pet on and start shredding the queen. Make shure your always watching the queens body for green cut marks, to make shure you dont kill it. Once there is a few scratches, check the queens health. (With your magnifying glass) You want to do this a lot because you want to be sure you dont accidentally kill it. It has to be under 2k hp to impregnate a survivor. The queen will have a pink aura around her, this will mean she is ready to impregnate. Once you get the queen that low, you want to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL. Because the queen CAN and WILL one shot you while your on the ground. That's where the sheild comes in handy. Personally I didnt actually have a sheild, I just used my rock drake as a sheild lmao. Also be aware that the queen wont impregnate you when you have a light pet on your shoulder. The queen should attack 2 to 3 times then impregnate. If you used a foundation trap, get to your mount as fast as possible, because the queen will leave you with 1 hp after impregnating. Now time for grind! I had 13 minutes on 3 times egg hatch, which was enough to get all +75 levels. Just go back and forth in the river and murder everything that moves. Once you got the levels, (or as much as you possibly can) go to your birthing chamber. Wait for the baby reaper to come out, claim it, and get out. Now you need to feed it. To feed it, you could go and kill a reaper queen to get a pheromone gland, or you could stack your body with meat and drop into your birthing chamber and let your reaper eat you alive. (< what I did) once that's finished, you should be good to go. You have tamed a reaper king! The endgame aberration tame. Leave a like of this guide helped you, or comment about what I missed!
  7. @TheEclipseee I actually managed to pull it off ._. A level 95 queen plus those extra 75 levels and it came out as a 170. No special colors, but I'm so happy! I used a foundation trap this time so imma go farm that queen. But ye, thx all you guys for the help! There was no way I would be able to do this without your help
  8. Yeah that's what it was. Cuz yesterday when I was queen hunting my drake was taking a lot of torpor and I just had 6 stimberries and he just dropped 3000 torpor in under a minute. I tried getting a king yesterday and it didnt go bad, but I didn't die so... ye thats a win in my book. My drake could easily tank the reaper queen, but cuz I was so excited I forgot a magnifying glass ._. I've decided to redo my trap and try building syntacs, cuz mine doesn't have foundations. Try number 2 coming up soon
  9. I play singleplayer so it doesnt really matter tbh. Is it necessary to use a shotgun to get reaper to 2k? Or would it be possible for the rock drake to tank it (15k hp)
  10. Really? I would think that the imprint and mutations is what makes it so effective.
  11. I'm going to try to use a drake cuz somewhere I heard that drakes take reduced torpor from queens or somthin like that. Plus I would have to start breeding megalos and I dont have good ones
  12. I will give it a go tommorow, I'll let you know how it goes!
  13. Thx for the feedback! Good to know I dont need pheromones. So a few more questions: 1. how much melee shud I have on a drake to get her down to 2k? (I have 800+) 2. How much health? (i have 15k) 3. Shud I get surface drops to try to get a better saddle bp before the reaper? 4. How much charge capacity for a lightpet? (I have around 1000, I guess it could be a potential problem.) 5. Would it be more effective to craft a primitive assault or pump for the queen? 6. Will torpor be an issue at any point? I know its alot of questions but it's my first drake so... ye. Can never be to cautious
  14. First reaper Since my last post about reapers, I have acquired 2 thanksgiving rock drakes (twins :D) I have the trap, no pheromones tho. Whut stats would be neccessary for a reaper drake?
  15. REMOVE latest mana nerf [patch 304..21] i never had a problem with the manas before this nerf. they had almost zero range with ice breath, the stamina was trash, bad melee, but tbh the only thing i cared about on a mana was how fast they could travel. now they have basically removed it. pls WC i know you guys dont see this as any different from a random complaint, but i enjoyed using manas, they where my favorite tame and now there not even worth getting, because they barely have any use outside of... well... you get the idea. NOTHING.
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