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  1. That's pretty much what my friend told me today. Welp, gotta get my crap together and survive the Bugfest Evolved. Currently I'm on unofficial PvE 3x server with a friend who spent a good chunk of his life in this game, he explained me the basics. Also he died like 7 times first week to get ourselves a wyvern egg at 288 and a milk, so everything else was straight fordward. Edit. I forgot to mention that we have our main rebuild base on Ragna, and because of server settings the red loot drops on the desert and at the queen labirynth are yelding tons of ascendad stuff.
  2. Can we ever expect bugfixes? Hello. I know this is my first post, but the ammount of bullpoop I'm currently facing in ark is ridiculous. I bought this game like 2 weeks ago, and I'll be honest - I've never had a chance to play as buggy game before with as immense ammount of unpatched holes. Example? I lost 3 Ichtys today, one got stunned by Eel which was so far away that I could barerly see him, most likely I was laged back to them, while second one was killed with single hit from random Megalo because he was in cryo sickness while I had no cryo debuff, and third one died to Sabertooth Salomons which for some reason went aggressive on all our dinos. It's not all, when I went underwater with a Belze to get my stuff back, my entire game crashed (edit.: third time, two times I lost all my stuff because it was crash underwater) next to herd of megalo and mantas, of course when I came back I was dead along with one of my favourite dino. By the way, I lost huge ammount of great ascendant stuff, including Helmet with 1k armor and Fabricated Shotgun 470%. Before, I lost also my wyvern which got stuck in infected spino so I couldn't attack him or even escape, I couldn't move. Not only that, devs should seriusly do something with weapon breaking instantly switching controls, always resulting in rushing at the enemy you were shoting at. Addionally I spend good hour last week trying to save my owl which was either lagging back underwater, drowning, or he was going all the way up, touching the edge of the map and lagging back underwater, rinse and repeat. I'm playing PvE server because I prefer expanding rather than seeing my stuff being wrecked over and over again, but even there it's possible to kill PvE players by drowning them, and it's ridiculous that it's still a thing and possibility, even when it's easy to counter that - just disable freaking body and item pickup on PvE settings! It's so easy. Also, week ago we've lost like 3 newborn Therio because we had a base over water, and they glitched throught the floor and drowned. If that's not enought, it's possible to be one shot by Ice Queen no matter what items you had, as she killed me with single hit when I had 870 hp and 2000 armor, me and my tribemate died at once. And it all is barerly a peak of the iceberg of bugs I was dealing with throught the 2 weeks of my gameplay, and game is almost unplayable for me and it's really hard to enjoy game when engine cannot handle all the holes, and it's honestly funny that devs would rather release more DLC instead of fixing game to be stable.
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