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  1. Thanks man but that doesint help me. I just need to know what numbers to put into baby mature speed and I think baby cuddle interval multiplier when you have the use single player settings box checked so I can get either time I talked about or what your buddys has.i would prefer myne cause it makes you work harder for it so it feels more valuable. Pretty ticked off I have to do this cause I was booted from a server I paid half for after I got us set up to do the boss fight on ragnarok.total slimey POS move from a friend.
  2. Can someone suggest me the best breeding stats My tribe leader wont tell me the settings he has for breeding,he has it so large creatures like wyverns and Rex's take a little over 4 hours and need care only 3 or 4 times.i would love to have those settings on single player but while using single player settings I dont know how to get 3 to for 4 cares for wyverns and only take about 4 and a half hours to mature.i am not very good at math can someone please help me out?
  3. Can someone help me get my game back to how it was please I use to play all the time when ragnarok came out and I never got dashboarded on my xbox one.now I'm renting a server from the same company and my game always crashes now
  4. 2 people at most ever on at once,poopty base defenses in the highlands
  5. Yea was pretty dumb why they banned me.friend goes and drunkenly poop talks about me to the admin and now I'm banned from a server I paid for and did all the grunt work
  6. Can someone wipe my old tribe ?help me get justice please They got me to build everything gather all resources I did all the grunt work and all they do is tame and breed in the pens and base I built for them and they ban me from the server cause I bred only 1 dragon for myself for the imprint bonus.ILL GIVE YOU THE SERVER NAME AND PASSWORD THERE BASE IS IN THE HIGH LANDS BY THE SHORE SERVER NAME: Sister Fisters PASSWORD: dangercat Please help me get justice,I feel like I was stabbed in the back by my friends who I know in real life.
  7. Why not put some stuff in primitive plus in the full game There is way more stuff to make a very nice base in primitive plus,you can actually make your base nice and look like a home inside.why not put some of that in to survival evolved??!!?! I know my buddies and I would enjoy the game way more if there were.like why and how can you have a shag rug lumber and brick stuff in primitive but not in S evolved?!?!?!make up for being such a buggy game not just by pumping out new maps but giving us more to work with and do at the base.why us there no lumber builds in S evolved?!?!?!
  8. Hhahah just move my topic so no one sees it and you lose more customers and potential customers. Love sinking money into a game that doesn't work and then hear nothing back from "support". I definitely wont be giving this game the great publicity anymore to other gamers like I've been doing,it will probably being the exact opposite.
  9. This WAS my favorite game :( My friend ran a server from his laptop so the 3 of us could play ark together.we spent months building our base and taming useful creatures,we were just getting geared up to do the boss fights on the island then move to the next map and so on.after the update that took away the Turkey trials stuff I log in to find half of our dinos have been thanos snapped out of existence and half of our buildings were no longer ours.so we all said to hell with ark.i finally convinced my friends to get in again and we all chipped in and paid 60$ for a server.we were loving it,until..it took away almost all of my researched engrams forcing me to re buy important ones,and cut in half my stats like health stamina and weight and totally took away all my fortitude.not happy with my favorite game screwing me and hearing nothing back from "support".sucks because I dont think I can convince my friends to play ark again
  10. My gt CHRONIC TRON
  11. What does the season pass give me If I get the season pass for xbox will it give me all those engrams I saw on that primitive plus thing???I want to be able to build those nice bases with that lumber and glass.it almost looked liked pc builds when I saw someone who said they had primitive plus.
  12. Looking for a tribe on mobile Looking for a tribe to join on mobile.i played it alot when it first came out on phones but mostly played the console version.would like a well structured and organized clan.
  13. How to use forcetame in command I know you can summon in a force tamed dino already I just cant remember the command and cant find it anywhere. Something like summonforcetamed rex_character_bp_c but that's not it. Can anyone help me?
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