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  1. Hi everyone. i hope you can help me, i did a google search for the above mentioned and could not find anything where my server does not show in lan but does in my favorites. i validated my game through steam and changed the port settings in Ark Server manager (some said to try 27016). unfortunately this did not work. i also verified my port setting through my router. any advice?
  2. Orbital loot drops Hi, I have been playing single player ark for about 4 months now and i decided to try playing on a server. i noticed that the drops differ from offline to online. is there a way to match single player to multiplayer? for example, a lot of the drops i opened in multiplayer had kibble. my single player loots never had that. i know there is a loot quality slider, but even that did not have the same effect. i know you can farm eggs and cook kibble, but i really like the idea of those in the drops. i tried a google search but nothing panned out (besides changing the default single player multiplier to 10 which is op). thank you.
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