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  1. thanks for the helpful advice. I used to be a hardcore endgame raider in WOW and I love being part of guilds that work together... then I got married... recently I have been playing 7 days to die and Path of Exile... and over the last few days I have been playing ARK and I absolutely love it... the learning curve seems high, but hopefully I will get some friends in game soon enough and get to enjoy that side of the game.
  2. Thanks, I have quickly discovered that I am an alpha raptor magnet when I venture off the noob beach... I am watching a ton of videos, so hopefully I will figure out how to survive a bit better to find some places to build. Judging by the number of posts you have made you seem like a very experienced player. Do you find that tribes are willing to take on a completely new player this far into the game?
  3. Can you build from scratch still on official servers? Please forgive the noob question. Brand new player here. I jumped into a couple of official servers and found there was almost no space to build anything. Is this true of all servers, and if I were to join a tribe would I then have more options to build.
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