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  1. Can't mount Flyers after update Hi! I'm running a private Nitrado server, no mods, Island map. I have made no changes whatsoever for months now. Today, me and my boyfriend logged in. Both of us couldn't mount any flyers: Argentavis or Pteranodon. Yesterday everything was fine. We can mount and use all other dinos just fine. What's happening?
  2. This is amazing. I thought I was the only one doing stuff like that. Please share your results, also would love to see some screenshots!
  3. I too have a private server for me and my boyfriend to play on. I have changed the egg laying interval to 0.4.
  4. I'll join in on the thread. I am looking for a spot with lots of reasonably flat land where I can breed boss Rexes and maybe Theris.
  5. I haven't really found a bug in the OP's long list of grievances. Sorry. The only thing is dinos glitching through the floor, and that has something to do with the limitations of the Unreal Engine. It is annoying, but you can work around it by keeping your hatchlings on the ground (learned it myself the hard way). I don't think it's something the devs can fix.
  6. Thank you! I think it's what happened in my case! Thank you as well - I have read parts of the breeding article at different times but too much math at once breaks my brain as well. Apparently I completely ignored the part about taming effectiveness. I don't watch Youtube, it's very exhausting for me. Apart from the wiki, it seems to be very hard to find clear and up to date material. I have traversed various reddit posts and also various threads on this forum, but most of those are from before 2018 and as I understand, some things have changed since then, so I still have much to learn about this game!
  7. Yes, too a high level male and a low level female here. the first stat increase was dmg from 204 to 208, and now the second to 219 when I bred the females to the original male. the original male has 201 or 202 dmg? I will check next time I log in. Edit: Apparently there is a maximum level of posts one can make per day, so I can't reply anymore today.
  8. I do not imprint my breeders because I like to see the clean stats. You can also clearly see from the screenshots their imprinting is 0. The stat increase is from birth, which is what puzzles me! I haven't encountered this in my breeding lines of Argy's and Baryonyxes, but had a couple of mutations, so I know what those look like. This is the second dmg increase for the Dimorphodons too... and no mutations anywhere. I have one mutated Dimorphodon from the original pairing so probably not a server bug either... I will breed a couple more and see if it happens again.
  9. Yeah doesn't it say it's until the 3d of December?
  10. Stat Increases without mutation? Greetings! I'm a rather new player to ARK, I got the game upon Early Access release on Steam, played for 2 hours and never touched it again until my boyfriend got me back into it a couple of weeks ago. We play on our private server, hosted by Nitrado. Only the taming, maturation and breeding timers are changed, also the difficulty is 5, the highest wild dino I saw was 150. All the other settings are vanilla. I definitely have not touched the stat distribution or anything like that. I have started breeding for stats recently. I have read that Dimorphodons, aside from being terrible pests in the wild, are rather nice when exploring caves (which I still haven't done but intend to do), so I got lucky taming a level 120 male (146 after taming) and a lower level female, 79 after taming. I wrote their stats down immediately after taming. I haven't spent any domestic points on the male. The male had 201.2 dmg, the female 204.3, all the other stats were higher on the male. I bred them a couple of times and on the first breeding something weird happened already - the babies had 208,2% dmg. Eventually I had a m/f set of twins with all my desired stats, everything from the male except damage and oxygen (the lower value of the 2), level 136. I started breeding them. I got multiple identical dimorphodons of level 136, no mutations so far. I got bored of seeing the same color again and again and bred my 3 identical females with the original level 146 male. I got distracted so only 2 eggs survived. Here's the thing. The first baby, a male, was level 138. I thought there was a mutation and checked the stats. Nope. There's 0/0 on both sides. The stats are identical to the females, but it has 219,9% dmg! The second baby was level 140! It's actually born of the very first 136 female, so it's kind of 3d generation? It got 219,9 dmg as well, and the higher oxygen stat of 420, which explains the level difference. Zero mutations shown on this one too. How does the dmg stat happen? I attached the mutation window of the baby and the stat windows of the baby and his mother.
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