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  1. If you guys want better quality bp’s set the difficulty to as high as you can tolerate and you will get the better loot drops
  2. Who knows about the Ferox? I have yet to see this creature.
  3. Favorite Dino? What is everyone’s fav Dino?
  4. @Kodking194 thanks for those links I will use them very well and I will subscribe to them as well
  5. @brenon45thanks for that tip but I think that if I have to eat those berries I will be in a shelter first because I looked at what they are and what they do
  6. Press lb+rb+x+y and that’s how you use admin commands @Mcshooty
  7. New to site Hey I don’t know much about this game but I would love to learn
  8. Also anybody want to start a tribe wars and add me to it?
  9. Tribe maybe Who wants to maybe create a tribe sometime? scapularbaton60
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