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  1. Hair slider wont move stays and shortest hair cut. When I cut my hair now it grows back at the shortest possible cut now, This just started happening Today and I can't adjust the slider anymore, It's just stuck at lowest setting. I have restarting steam for an update, validated, and installed and updated my Graphic Card, update dated... Jan 6th 2020 update is for my RTX 2070. It was working fine about 4 days ago when I was last on. I will keep looking for answers and let you know if I was able to fix or get help.
  2. Me too same issue, and the errors always mach the latest patch number. I have tried every fix online, Steam and the forums here to try and fix it. I have disabled my antivirus, made sure my graphics card was up to date, uninstalled, reinstalled, checked cache, tried adding different codes to ini that people suggested on steam and other ark forums even uninstalled steam and reinstalled it. after trying everything I can do i finally submitted a report to shooter games and all Shooter game support does is send me links to here or other information that does not pertain to my problem. So don't bother doing that it is just an other headache to add to the one you already have. SO I am guessing that they are baffled too. just keeping my fingers crossed that soon it will get sorted out. I really miss being able to play.
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