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  1. Arked again..... wild card showing its incompetence again released another update that prevents you from playing. already missed 2 days of event that ruined my perfect imprinting on several dino's. and less than a week later they crash it again. really wish you guys would hire someone that knows what they are doing.
  2. your right rex.. ive been playing since beta and they have had this issue among others since day one.. even events are the same way most the time.. heck the forth of july event didn't even start till after the forth of july due to incompetence. I mean seriously its not like they didn't know ahead of time the forth was coming up lmao. every patch or update veteran players know.. cryo everything and sit and wait and hope you can get back on soon. just go to "down detector" and look at history of outages. they average 3 to 4 a month.. in essence every time they update or patch they crash. to bad such a good game is run by such poor programers.
  3. you may disagree but all you have to do is be online when that dreaded message pops up saying servers will be coming down for maint. and they watch everyone panic, spam chat with messages of dread because they all know theres a real likely hood theres going to be problems. I barely got all my dino's I was raising in cryo. if I hadn't already be conditioned by their incompetence this patch would have cost me 10 giga's, several wyverns and a few other dinos
  4. it amazes me at just how incompetent these guys are, this has been going on since beta, so its not like they haven't had time to figure out how to implement an update. but they continue to with an obvious lack of concern how it affects they paying customers. and worse yet give no feedback to what is happening or expected time to have it back up. so in order to play ark you need to learn to have a thick skin about the creators caring about the paying customer. your gonna lose stuff for no reason, no ones gonna care, eventually they will have it back up, and they know everyone will eventually quit complaining and keep paying up until next patch lol
  5. Last time this happened pc users couldn't get on for days... just typical wc for you. its almost like somone else wrote the game and they haven't figured out the coding yet. seems every time they update or patch it repeatedly crashes or is down for hours to days. this could be the best game ever if it was run by competent people. but unfortunately its just a great game full of bugs, crashes, and things despawning well before their time.
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