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  1. Transfer question My girlfriend and I currently play by ourselves on a server. I have setup a second server so we can bounce between maps but just had a realization/question. Once we both xfer (only taking two dinos each) will our stuff stay put on old map? I dont want to lose it all and plan to power down other server while not in use, but realized the tribe would techinically be empty methinks when we swap over in cluster.
  2. LMAO so they can go through and bundle various posts I made onto this tread but cant freaking respond to us to tell us W T F they are doing? Seriously what crap service/support
  3. Crossplay Ark/Atlas question So genuine question, Atlas a game that is built on ark, to the point people found hidden menus that were ark menus on launch advertises patching at the same time for all platforms. Also supports xbox/steam cross play....why the hell does Ark not do the same and do I have to be down for multiple days every time there is a freaking patch?
  4. Good job again team! And once again Windows 10 player here unable to enjoy the game I rent a server for my girlfriend and I to play on because the developers can not seem to understand how deploying updates works. Does anyone have a USB drive maybe they can stop by the developers and then drive cross country to deliver it to everyone who needs it? Likely a better system than whatever they are currently doing that causes them to mess this up every freaking time there is an update.
  5. Gotta wait for them to not be morons and get the update to the Windows store......according to tons of forums posts it sometimes takes days for this to happen and they have not learned this lesson for at least a year
  6. Wait for them to un-F**** themselves and push out an update to the Windows version. Apparently this happens every time they cant seem to provide the update to Microsoft in time for us to be able to play with everyone else and are unable to provide any feedback to their player base on it.
  7. This is kind of nonsense, force us to use the crappy Microsoft store/xbox app and then be days behind on update wth
  8. Same issue here would love to know why I am not getting the update.
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