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  1. Transfers of creatures out...yes...in no nothing can transfer in but characters until WC opens it up
  2. Can anyone give a general timeline EST as to when crystal isles launch “should” hit the Xbox on the 25th please and thank you in advance???
  3. Tribe Alliance Question Can anyone definitively answer this question? I have looked everywhere online and can not seem to find an answer, please help if you can thanks! If your tribe is allied with another tribe and have a tek gen and cloners built next to the allies and then the tribe dissolves the alliance...will the gen and cloners still work since they have already been built? Thank you for your time
  4. You see a lot of crappy ridiculous requests but this one “I thought” was truly viable and worth the devs looking into???
  5. Completely agree...not a wasteful request...good call???
  6. Oh...then it’s not your character that needs fixed it’s the mw tonic???
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