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  1. Guess their position on it is clear, they are not gonna fix it. They think doing the nodes alone is wrong and those that actually like to play them alone, should stick to single player where... oh wait.. It happens there to.... Guess they don't want us playing it then...
  2. You must be new to the game. haha This has been an issue since they released linux binaries Quite many times they have done this
  3. Still no reply here... Question now is... Did it never get to the devs as said it would in december? Or did they just ignore it? Guess its more important to get out new maps and new stuff than to fix things that ruin it for alot of players... I usually played this game for hours and hours (got a few thousand ours logged ingame), but since december, i have logged on ONLY to make sure auto-decay does not destroy my bases, and then logged off again... Not sure how much longer i'll bother with even that..
  4. A month in, and still not fixed.. Amazing... It's been reported here, and also as a bug in the "bug report" system... And yet, nothing from WC... Seems they don't really care about the bugs that actually breaks it for alot of players, but minor stuff like tweaking timers and new stuff, that's what they spend time on, never the actual bugs... Still bugs in the game that were reported in Early Beta...
  5. Seems they are more busy with the minor issues like consumption rates, and balance stuff.... Sigh...
  6. Amazing, still no fix for this.... Nice to see that WC ignores every bug there is... Even when it makes the game unplayable for us that aren't in a big tribe with several online all the time.... (/Irony)
  7. Haven't tested the other points you have up there, but point #4 and 5 there, is a problem I've seen myself after I got back from my vacation now aswell.. I play alot solo and this means that when I do element nodes, I have to run around the area to find the dinos that never come to the node... This used to be ok, but now.. It's not possible to actually complete the danm nodes solo any more because WC changed the nodes so they despawn WAY to fast.. This would NOT have been a problem if you actually FIXED the danm pathing of the dinos, but your AI really is horribly bad.. So right
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