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  1. Building in any rathole is a 50/50 chance of wipe tbh. "Attacking from, travelling through, or building in unintended game-zones" There are holes straight to the mesh in every map, lots of ratholes have "Can't place structures here", so its probably safe to assume every rathole is unintended. Doesn't stop me from using them tho
  2. They are only used for griefing, scouting large areas quickly and PvE. Reduce damage heavily and add more jumps/dashes. They shouldn't be able to travel the entire length of a map in under a minute and also be able to kill basically every creature on the map. Isn't that the exact reason fliers were nerfed to begin with? Also... why can ICE Wyverns be frozen by them at all? lololol
  3. Have had them get me off my Mana as well. A tribemate of mine has had them pounce him off his wyvern. I've also jumped off really high ledges and had them pounce me mid air lol
  4. Demigod is right for the most part. I spent countless hour in single player on Aberation finding ratholes. I found a couple that weren't in any videos that I watched so I thought I was titties. In small tribes, someone had already built in them, on every server I checked. On official, one of them is open on every server Ive checked, the other one about 50/50. But, you are most likely going to have to find them yourself, or with friends.
  5. On the character that is stuck on the server, make sure inventory is empty! Then leave and go to menu and join a different server and click the "Download Survivor" button. Wait until you character is available to download and join the server with it. Then go to an obelisk or whatever and transfer to the server where you have the character that is stuck and overwrite it. Or use it to dupe like everyone else, up to you. FYI Overwriting your duped character will kick you out of your tribe, make sure you have someone that can invite you back in!
  6. You mean besides the massive amounts of duping and cheating that has been happening since day 1? Unless they somehow manage to make a script that can identify duplicated items and remove them, that works with the current code they have written, then duping will be around forever. You can't stop people from duping, their best chance is to be able to identify duped items. If they can't create a script to work with their current code, then they will have to rewrite how items are aqquired, giving each stack its own unique ID, and each item in the stack its own unique ID, that can be assi
  7. Legacy 2 ETA? Current legacy servers are being killed off to make room for Genesis, how long until the current official becomes Legacy2? Is it when Genesis Part2 comes out or is it solely based off "fixing" duping, meshing, and other exploits?
  8. Wildcard did not buy new servers for every DLC, thats why there were like 5 "Great Migrations" There are dozens of official servers with as low, if not lower population than some legacy servers. I played legacy when it was the official server as well. Through all the of migrations, the server i played on was never on the chopping block because there are active players on it. I do prefer to stay on a server that i have spent over 5k hours defending. We aren't a mega tribe, never were. We had to fight and grind our asses off to get to where we are. They are taking the time an
  9. Yeah, there is plenty of pvp in legacy if you aren't part of a giant alliance, at least on the server I played. At least once a week there were people there to attack us. The "chill pve servers" are the ones controlled by mega tribes/ mega alliances, and its no different at all on official...
  10. Wasn't implying that it would, was annoyed i had to wait 15 mins to log in, ya derp. Also if you look at the pictures, every other foundation autodecayed, in the base that i play in, nearly every day. Along with some walls, and a generator... never seen a generator auto decay.
  11. This new update is great! (Login lock, autodecay) Started up ark and tried to join my server and got the login lock message. Wait about 15 mins, and log in and a bunch of stuff inside my base is autodecayed lmao. https://imgur.com/a/FJyqruj Good stuff
  12. Started Ark, tried to join my server and i have this stupid login lock, are you forreal? I'm not even trying to transfer...
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