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  1. thanks for the quick replys i didnt know i could submit a ticket on this issue thanks again
  2. PvE Pillar spamming My 6 year old and i have been building a base on top of a hill and some idiot came along and surrounded our base as close as he could surrounding our camp with pillars so we are unable to finish our construction project. after 2 months now he has a base 4 islands away and his pillars spam every water way and river for game miles keeping everyone from being able to build, the worst part is he doesnt play he only signs in for a few minutes every 11 days to refresh his pillar spams . my suggestion is to base pillar spamming with no penalty based on the structure sizes. if you have a few tons of buildings pillars should than not effect your area but if you dont than you cant build. , and than theres a complete river across the way without a player structure for miles i dont get it, can we fix this or should we just quit
  3. large stone wall wont place ive been unable to place the large stone walls since the christmas updates ive reset the xbox made new stones nothing small walls work fine ceilings work but no large stone walls even on a new foundation it highlights green but when you place it nothing happens
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