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  1. Endgame PvPvE 7xTame 2-3x Xp/Stats/Gathering (Valguero) OBJECTIVE We want to accomplish the following for this server: Create an environment that maintains and builds up to a monthly PvP element without the need to constantly be online to protect ones base. Create a competitive game that also maintains respect and minimizes unnecessary harassment that ruins the game. Prevent cheesy tactics and abusive strategies that can ruin the game for others. Take the edge off of the gathering grind without destroying the utility and balance of the respective dinos. GAMEPLAY PvE everyday other than the last Saturday and the following Sunday every month. Tribe wars are otherwise allowed. Offline raid protection https://discord.gg/HAE5xSa
  2. @nintendogamer7 is it possible to do pvx on Xbox unofficial server? I can't find any available right now and would definitely start one if it was possible.
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