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  1. Seems to be a pattern--after an update CI 1405 official (PS4) is unavailable for several hours or even a couple of days. Hasn't appeared in my server list since last night's update, anyone else running into this?
  2. Update: it’s back! Appears that everything paused so at least babies aren’t dead
  3. Hi, Crystal Isles PS4 server 1405 is not appearing on my list since the recent update. I reinstalled the game overnight but still nothing. Help!
  4. Toucan


    Ahh this explains the frustration I've had lately trying to xfer out a bunch of heavy loot (poly, metal walls, black pearls) from a OSD. Waiting til 1 minute left on timer to put the stuff in my inventory (kept in tribute part of the ... and of course there's a huge lag and by the time the stuff actually show up in my inv it's on a fresh 15 min timer. Super frustrating! The timing thing is b/c i have just a little outpost with a rex on a leash to guard my outdoor transmitter. I don't want to stand there immobilized by weight for several minutes, good to get the info on why lag spikes like that
  5. Alpha Boss Fight Hey all, SO I've grown tired of hunting the elusive elite rex BP, and am just going to go ham on the alpha fight. I have a troupe of rexes (1225 melee at hatch) that I can easily level to around 2400-2500 melee and 70k health. That seems like a lot of health, because... the best BP i have gives me ~50ish armor with crafting bonus. I also have mediocre deinos that i can get to around 7k health for boss fights, and around 75 armor on saddles. I think I'm going to go ahead and do it; is this a suicide mission without better saddles or can I just force the issue with
  6. Rex bp having a devil of a time finding a decent Rex BP. Many swamp cave runs on island, many genesis loot crates (lots of other great stuff tho!) bit the best (and only!) have found is 43.6, comes out to about 50ish with crafting skill. This is after at least 100 cave runs and lots of other red beacons on surface. pretty sure I can bum rush the beta valguero boss arena (1225 Rexes lol) but not sure about alpha. Gamma was a breeze of course. anyone have a bp I could use / buy/ trade for alpha fight I’d be much obliged. Also lmk if you want to do some bosss fights toget
  7. Ind. forge despawned Logged on this evening to PS4 official N America PVE 1147b and my industrial forge and contents were gone as was the foundation they sat upon. This was inside my Base walls and well away from any conceivable threat, not to mention 3 Rexes were in the yard nearby. What gives?
  8. I am having a similar problem on PS4 EU PVE valguero 1105. Any help is appreciated.
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