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  1. my magmasaur with 600% melee out gathers my anky with 2000% melee on Pve official https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2701691378 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2701691291
  2. when this happened to me on gen 2 server i would take out all the fuel source and leave render for about 20-30min. when i returned i would throw a rex on it and go to the ground and whistle it to land. it worked every time.
  3. raise the dino until the imprint timer reaches zero, now pod the dino. when the event starts unpod the dino and get instant multiplier imprint and have plenty of time left if you need another.
  4. this is how i normally start new maps. find a place to build and make a small fort. make as many narcotics as possible. kill dodos and smaller dino for meat and let it spoil. tame a mid level trike and harvest narco berries with it now tame a flyer....an argentavis if possible, it not a pteranodon first, then argentavis directly after. tame an anky for building materials at this point you should be good to go after something like a rex and then the rest is up to you.
  5. your best bet is to get a pair of element dust gachas and clone them on the gen 2 servers. then bring them to where ever you need dust. i have 7 pairs of dust gachas and can farm well over 100 element an hour with them.
  6. there is a hatch egg button when you access the machine. also the egg will not hatch on its own and can sit in the machine for about 5 real days before it decays
  7. i did the boss with 5 people and we all had 3070's and 3080's and we all had under 30 fps too. its a wide known issue.
  8. go to your bed and try to fast travel to the stryder, if no stryder bed is shown it was anti meshed.
  9. this fixed the issue thank you. its a very odd bug indeed.
  10. on 2 maps if you use the harvesting stryder on your tribes land the resources stop respawning. at first i thought it was a glitch but now it has happened on 2 maps where the land is blank of all the resources and havent respawned in over 5 days. has anyone else had this happen too? it doesnt seem to happen on land that isnt yours.
  11. i have a ryzen 5600x and a 3070 and got 30fps or less during the battle. everyone who played this battle complained of the same thing.
  12. simply cryo and uncryo a female over and over until you get the amount of eggs you want. however you will not get an egg every time.
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