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  1. i unclaim them at one of the obelisk and let other players have a go at them.
  2. i take care of my tribemates base and he can be gone for months and his animals are fine when you add power before opening
  3. I had a stubborn game that wouldnt unlock achievements and i forgot to close it out and played ark for quite some time. is this going to trigger a cheat ban? it wasnt hooked into the ark.exe but it was still active from the other game.
  4. open steam, go to library, click on ark, click play, and select reset resolution. hopefully that fixes it.
  5. the server crashed after you logged out and when it loaded its last save your animals were still out and not podded. its happened to me before too.
  6. ive tried pretty much everything and the best free item is stone, the best crafted item is arrows.
  7. I afk and minimize the game so the base stays rendered. theres really no shortcut other than having an army of owls
  8. someone found your body and drowned you. You can keep this from happening by laying down in a bed and logging out
  9. Ascension the island +15 Abberation Rockwell alpha +15 Gen 1 master controller alpha +15 Gen 2 rockwell prime alpha +15 Chibi + 5 notes all maps + 10
  10. Just raise babies during 3x, thats what i do so i dont have to stress about making imprints on time.
  11. Rex with 55-60k hp and the rest melee will easily do the alpha spider and monkey boss with 100 armor saddles Dragon boss should never be run with Rex as they have a very high chance of death if the Rex are just for stomping around the map killing the basic enemies than 100% melee
  12. the GM's dont ban players that need to be banned. Theres a person on the server i play on that racists, trolls, harasses, steals, put animals on your base, fills the chat with vulgar sexual nonsense, changes his tribe name to mimic others, and he is still doing it months later even tho hes been reported multiple times for it, and it only gets worse as time goes on. Screen shots have done nothing but waste the peoples time trying to report them. this is a PVE server this happens on.
  13. me and a friend play together and we have discussed combining our tribes but i want a few questioned worked out first. do i simply invite them into the tribe and all of their structures and animals come with them? is there a tribe setting i can make so if they decide they dont want to be in a tribe with me they can leave and get their structures back? any help would be appreciated.
  14. if you go to join a server as it crashes your toon is saved in the cloud, so all you need to do is join the server you were originally on and download your survivor and continue as normal.
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