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  1. Missing Items After Update I'm missing everything that I got from Love Evolved Valentines. 20 some odd VDC, 20 BOCs. Why does this crap keep happening. I dont want Genesis yet why does my game get effected by this unwanted DLC. I play this game on Xbox Ultimate. So basically I'm paying a sub cause this is all I play. Is there any thing to be done.
  2. Morgul how do you report Dino loss from the glitch?
  3. Bad day on EU PvE Island 199 I was stranded off server for two days after the update. Before the update I was running the lava cave. I had it almost cleared. Was on top of the artifac and I was booted with dinos still in the cave. After I was able to log back on. I went inside they were all gone checked my log and saw that all the dinos stranded in the cave where dead. Any help at all would be appreciated. THX FELLOW SURVIVORS.
  4. Fill out an Ark Server Outafe Ticket. They will get you on.
  5. Guts the are eating Super Turkey. It will be fixed on Black Friday when they come back from holiday lol
  6. EU PVE The Island 199 Host Connection Time Out Error Tried logging in like 30 times . Run around holding a flame with no torch...or arm for that matter, for like 1 minute then I get booted.
  7. The Island 199 has no rendering and host disconnect. My Dino Babies are starving help us please Ark Overlords!!!!
  8. My game 2 I think it's the last update came here 2 find out good luck
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