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  1. 8hours at most for certain servers, I'm guessing they forgot to include them in the scheduled nightly maintenance. Unfortunately during this time I'm sure they're all asleep so it won't get resolved until morning.
  2. This happened last week. They explained that's why they're still doing 2x
  3. Likely if you can't access the server no one else can either
  4. This happened last week. Certain servers were offline for hours
  5. @Cedric alot of servers are not showing up can we please get some help
  6. My PvP server has disappeared as well I'm not sure if they know what's going on
  7. Could I pay a Dev to remove lock on a server?
  8. They are listening, atleast they fixed the issue getting login lock while transferring from a ob but I'm still getting the same login lock problem durring certain circumstances Wich is still a pain but I'll bet money they'll get rid of it if they want to keep a majority of customers especially when dlc is about to drop.
  9. I believe devs and wc are watching and listening to us. The community has spoken what we want..just keep expressing concerns and push for a removal of login lock ASAP. Everyone thank you for your support and hopefully through voicing our concerns we can make ark great again in time for genisis
  10. Honestly I think 90% of ark community would rather have duping then waiting half your day wasted on login lock
  11. Its been happening to me still. What is login lock? Its prompt Everytime I go to sign in. Go back to v792.4 please
  12. *LOGIN LOCK PLEASE TRY LATER* Everytime I try to login it says Please try again later. Login lock I think login lock is messing everything up. If anyone finds a way around this 100 PP
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