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  1. You may not have lost anything but to be fair it should go back to the point where it was messed up
  2. We have given them enough money already, they have a backup file before they do an update, dont understand why they dont rollback to that point and add fix, instead of no reply let our stuff die
  3. Ok so tons of people lost stuff, still no reply from wc. Why no freakin rollback???? Its not fair that paying customer should suffer from poor quality. Wildcard should roll server back to thanksgiving when update broke game to make it fair to those that lost stuff.
  4. Extending the event will not make up for the event wyvern babies i lost they starved because i cant log in. ROLLBACK!!!!!!!
  5. Server 1084 havent been able to log in for days, kicked after a few seconds, host timeout, lost event baby wyverns and giga so far, more stuff starving. ROLLBACK!!! this is not fair to people losing stuff, extending the event will not make up for this!
  6. Did not work for me. Server 1084 valguero
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