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  1. Your interaction with that GM is almost the exact same interaction I had with them!! Literally a copy and paste of the replies you received i also received. It's what, nearly 3 months later, and I'm still waiting on my character to be restored. Terrible customer support. Absolutely abysmal. Delighted I didn't buy the Genesis DLC.
  2. Any update on your connection issue? I've been experiencing it for the first time in years today myself, and for the life of me cannot remember how I solved it before. Very frustrating!
  3. What Ark streamers/content creators do you watch? Hi there, and happy holidays. I've fairly recently started watching an absurd amount of Ark content on both Twitch and Youtube, in particular PVP content creators. I was just wondering who is some of your favourite Ark players to watch? Who are the biggest and best streamers/youtubers out there? Maybe I'm missing out on some unreal PVE/RP players. Feel free to list them all!!
  4. A trike that i hit with a stray arrow i believe. ?
  5. Ya'll giving out about Manas and I'm here struggling to pick up a snail with any flyer at all.
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