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  1. Alevia left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade! very smooth. Seller is trustworthy, prompt, nice, and reliable. Recommended!

    Godan was The Seller

  2. b0ender left Positive feedback   

    world needs more people like this, 10/10

    Godan was Trading

  3. davidcostarica left Positive feedback   

    Fast and awesome, deal went perfect, recommended 100%

    Godan was The Seller

  4. Billay left Positive feedback   

    This guy has been the friendliest trade yet, trust worthy and and looking forward to future trades with him.

    Godan was The Seller

  5. gmejias93z left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and fair trade , will definitely trade again with Godan.

    Godan was The Seller

  6. Chaudgobay left Positive feedback   

    Great trader, was fast, was helpful with finding a good deal for both parts even with me not having much to offer. Great host also, glad I had a glass of beer with him. Would trade again for sure.

    Godan was The Seller

  7. Sleiva left Positive feedback   

    Bought from him full set ascendant for 2 rex skin,1 bronto skin and 2 alpha worm trophy. Fast and trusty guy i dropped first items then he dropped blueprints.

    Godan was The Seller

  8. Sleiva left Positive feedback   

    Bought from him very rare ascendant longneck blueprint for 4 quetzal skeleton skins. I dropped first skins then he dropped blueprint. Very trustry guy and fast trade.

    Godan was The Seller

  9. HOSS602 left Positive feedback   

    Fast and Honest, Highly recommend, Trade with again anytime, Thanks Godan

    Godan was The Seller

  10. Sumpfzechn left Positive feedback   

    very good trader, recommended :D

    Godan was The Seller

  11. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback   

    Would definitely trade with Godan again, available almost immediatly, very generous person ;)

    Godan was Trading

  12. Dreads left Positive feedback   

    Easy Trade, no problems.

    Godan was Trading

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