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  1. Wicked PURGE stackmod/Boosted My server is still relatively new and hasnt been getting a lot of players due to a day issue that wasnt resolved quick enough. We are currently sitting at 8 days. Map : Ragnarok with some extinction and aberration dinos. Type : Purge - PVE mon-thurs PVP Fri-sun Platform : xbox Max tribe limit : 5 Max Dino Level : 300 and wyverns at 370 Slots: 20 for now until donations can increase the slots and allow us to cluster! Taming is boosted but not particularly instant. Admins & Owner are friendly and offer a shop for buying equipment and dinos with black Pearl's or element depending on the equipment or dino. There is a bar for players to hang out with admins who are willing to relax and have fun. When events occur, prizes ranging for equipment to dinos are given to the 1st and 2nd place winners. There is a discord that explains all of our rules and even offers trading between tribes, casual chats, pokemon bot, answers for questions and the occasional admin dino sale or event information!
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