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  1. PC Lag/Connection Issues I am a fairly long-term ark player who recently switched to PC from Xbox, so I have only been playing on PC for 3 weeks or so. I decided to start up on a Valguero server, 547. Throughout this time I have noticed what, until the last two days, seemed like random lag spikes accompanied by occasional DCs. Yesterday I noticed that these lag spikes seemed to be pretty well timed out, and one time while attempting to change servers to my extinction server, I DCd at my transmitter right when the upload timer hit 0:00. Since that occurrence, I've made it a point to pay attention to these lag spikes and have noticed at least a dozen sizable, impactful lag spikes that directly coincide with the 15:00 upload timer running out. These are not just my lag spikes, almost every time someone in chat mentions it or types the usual "." to see when the lag is over. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but there has to be a connection.
  2. But if it was an hour, people berry taming mammoths on 1x would be at a disadvantage. Better make it at least 6 hours notice.
  3. I got the same error when I first downloaded Ark, before I found out that I had to install the individual maps before being able to play on them. It doesn't sound like you need to download the map, but maybe that will help.
  4. I played on Xbox mainly, and only about 6 months of that was after cryopods were implemented but I never had any issues with the aggression settings or anything of that nature.
  5. I didn't tame a bee for a whole year because I didn't know they had a kibble and was told to just use flowers. Tried for so long before giving up and just trading for bees from then on.
  6. Sounds like you're describing the behavior of all sloped roofs, they have to have support somewhere, either from a wall or from an angled wall.
  7. I have a turkey that's been stuck in a foundation in my base for days, maybe I shouldn't leave it there? Lol
  8. I've got like 15 on top of me at all times along the SE beaches.
  9. I built in the SE region on the South beach of the river, super flat. Could put down a 50x50 foundation easily.
  10. That's one of the only seeds I've gotten in the SE region along the beaches with my trike.
  11. I just want to know where the cave with loot drops is!
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