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  1. Last time they did it, it did affect small tribes servers.
  2. Taming and breeding are not right settings. Its 1x for both now.
  3. They are trash, just look how small it is
  4. Think its patched now, doesnt work for me anymore, or I am doing something wrong.
  5. Same happend to me. Has to do something with the out of render patch from the megarchelon. Taming the big turtle is hard as hell rn.
  6. We had that aswell. We had dinos on foundation and still died. My advice just move because it will not be fixed soon I guess.
  7. Exactly same happend to us 4 times now. We have moved now cuz you can't breed there or everything will just die instantly. Seems an bug with the anti meshing or some poop. I have made an ticket.
  8. I have exactly the same problem on small tribes.
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